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We've known it for a while, Boho Chic is on the rise! And this trend is SO much more then just fashion, it's a lifestyle. Inspired by the Bohemian way of life: relaxed, happy and expressive. Boho Chic is the modern look of the sophisticated and free spirited woman. Wild at heart with a love for fashion, nature and adventure! Scroll down to discover the 5 most trending accessories to wear in 2017. Enjoy! 

1. Tribal Neck Pieces

Talk about making a statement, this will do it! With it's ethnic roots these gorgeous pieces of jewelry speak for themselves. Make them stand out by wearing a modest outfit, casual or dressy depending the occasion. The ultimate boho chic look for this year!


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2. Lace Chokers

Will chokers ever go out of style, we sure hope not! Living that wild and free lifestyle, doing yoga or beach bumming? These bohemian inspired neck pieces are a combination of elegance and comfort. Perfect to wear with your easy going beach or festival outfit.

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3. Layering

Simple, modest and delicate. These layered necklaces are a symbol of pure Joy. Goes with anything to achieve that romantic bohemian look. Can you imagine yourself strolling through the streets with a lace summer dress and these refreshing necklaces? Oh yes!

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4. Headdresses

Honestly, we all wanted to be a princess at some point in our lives. But THIS, this will make you a Goddess! 

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 5. Ear Cuffs

Fairies unite! Our final surprise for you. These simple but luxurious ear cuffs are pure magic. Moreover they don't need piercing and sit comfortable on your ears cartilage. Just a gentle pinch to keep it tight and secure. 

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